Student Organizations

Honor Society - Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA)

Alpha Omega Alpha is the only National Honor Medical Society. Students are elected in their junior or senior year on the basis of their academic performance and must be in the top twenty five percent of their class in order to be elected.  Founded in 1902 at the University of Illinois, the chapter at LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine in Shreveport was established in 1973.  The society’s main goal is to stimulate academic excellence. The local chapter has been instrumental in bringing outstanding physicians from around the nation to Shreveport as lecturers and visiting professors.  For more information, please contact:  Faculty Councilor, Jay Marion, MD ( 

Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) 

The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) recognizes students, residents and faculty who are exemplars of compassionate patient care and who serve as role models, mentors and leaders in medicine.  GHHS members are peer nominated and are the ones that others say they want taking care of their own friends and family.  The local GHHS chapter began in 2016, for more information contact the faculty sponsor: Lauren Beal, MD (  LEARN MORE

Religious Organizations

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (Baptist Student Union)

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (Baptist Student Union):  Baptist Collegiate Ministries, BCM, at the medical school is sponsored by regional Southern Baptist churches.  BCM welcomes students from all faiths and meets on Thursdays at noon for an hour.  Lunch is provided by a local Baptist church, and the program includes talks from area doctors, pastors, and visiting missionaries on spiritual medical matters.  Faculty sponsor: Christy Holcombe ( 

Catholic Medical Student Association (CMSA)

Catholic Medical Student Association (CMSA):  The Catholic Medical Student Association was formed in 2001 to aid the spiritual development of individuals pursuing a health care degree.  The group is sponsored by the Catholic Medical Association of Northwest Louisiana.  The group meets on Mondays at noon (lunch is provided) to hear speakers and engage in discussion of medical and science-related topics from the Catholic perspective.  The meetings are held at noon and lunch is provided.  More information will be available at registration. Faculty sponsor:  Diana Bienvenu, M.D. ( 

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA):  The Christian Medical and Dental Association is a non-denominational, national organization that exists to motivate, educate, and equip Christian physicians and dentists to glorify God. A local chapter meets regularly in homes for food, fellowship, and discussion. Guest speakers from the community and regular events in the community also occur throughout the year. All students, residents, and practicing healthcare professionals are invited.  Faculty sponsor:  Ron Morgan, MD

Social Clubs


LSU Health Billiards Interest Group: Like minded students that share a love of billiards and to allow students the opportunity to bond outside of the classroom. Faculty Sponsors - Michelle Arnold, PhD ( and Ken Peterson, Phd ( 


LSU Health Shreveport Book Club: Enriching medical students lives through literature and discussion. Faculty Sponsor - F. Scott Kennedy, PhD 


LSU Health Shreveport Running Club: An inclusive, laid-back group who enjoy getting together to be active and volunteer at/compete in local races. Faculty Sponsor - Horatio D’Agostino, MD (


Wine Interest Group (WIG): The mission of the group is to afford LSU Health Shreveport students the opportunity to hone their palates for wine, to learn about the production of wine and the factors that influence the taste of wines, and to cultivate a useful skill that will help students throughout the rest of their days. Faculty Sponsor - Lucy Robinson, PhD (

Medical Interest Groups


Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG): Faculty Sponsor - Charles Fox, M.D. (


Dermatology Interest Group (DIG): This group provides a resource for medical students who are interested in dermatology and the steps to take to pursue a residency position in the field.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG): Faculty Sponsor - Mary Edens, M.D. (  

Family Medicine

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG): Gives medical students opportunities to explore the field of Family Medicine and its many career opportunities through involvement in the community, connecting students to local family physicians and involvement at the state and national level in coordination with the LAFP and AAFP. Faculty Sponsor - Marc Chaudoir, MD and Christy Hay (  

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG): Student run organization that provides students with information about careers in International Medicine and fosters communication between faculty and students. Faculty Sponsor - Karina Sulaiman, M.D. (


Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN): Faculty Sponsor - Rosario Riel-Romero, M.D. (


Neurosurgery Interest Group: This group is dedicated to exposing medical students to the field of Neurosurgery and expanding neurologically based volunteer opportunities with the local community. Faculty Sponsor - Christina M. Notarianni, M.D. (


Obstetrics/Gynecology Interest Group: A group for medical students who are interested in all things related to women’s health and obstetrics/gynecology. Faculty Sponsor - Mila Shah-Bruce (


Oncology Interest Group: Faculty Sponsor - Mindie Kavanough, MD ( 
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Interest Group: Faculty Advisor - Majed Jeroudi, MD (


Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG): Faculty Sponsor - Marlyn Langford, PhD (


Orthopedics Surgery Interest Group (OSIG): Faculty Sponsor - Margaret Olmedo, MD (


Otolaryngology Interest Group (ENT IG): Faculty Advisor - Cherie-Ann Nathan, MD (


Medicine/Pediatrics Interest Group: Faculty Sponsor - Lauren Beal, MD, (
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Interest Group: Faculty Advisor - Majed Jeroudi, MD (

Pediatric Interest Group (PIG): Faculty Advisor - Ryan Jones, MD, ( 

Pediatric Surgery Interest Group (PSIG): This group is focused on raising awareness about the different pediatric surgical sub-specialties. Faculty Advisor - Christina Notarianni, MD (


Psychiatry Student Interest Group Network (PsychSIGN): Faculty Sponsor - Marc Colon, MD, (


Interventional Radiology Interest Group (iRIG): Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Horacio D’Agostino (

Radiology Interest Group: Faculty Sponsors - Thomas Gates, M.D. (, and Abbie Martin, MD (   


Surgery Interest Group (SIG): Faculty Sponsor - Kathryn Richardson, MD (


Urology Interest Group:  Faculty Sponsor - Donald Elmajian, MD ( 

Other Medical Interests

Academic Medicine Club (AMC): Faculty Sponsor - John Vanchiere, MD ( 

American Medical School Research Journal (AMSJ): Faculty Sponsor - John Vanchiere, MD (

Health Policy Interest Group: The mission of the group is to provide a means of learning about governmental policies that affect the practice of medicine. 

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA): This group unites and empowers medical students through service, mentorship and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community.

Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group: Faculty Sponsor - Jennifer Singh, MD (

Medical Economics Club: The goal of the group is to provide future physicians with practical information and expert advice they need to successfully manage their medical practices, finances and professional careers. Faculty Sponsor - Pat Bass, MD ( 

Military Medicine Interest Group (MMIG): Faculty Sponsor - W. Reid Grimes, MD 

Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG): Promotes opportunities in Primary Care Sports Medicine through sideline shadowing and sports medicine related lectures and workshops throughout the year. Faculty Sponsor - Chris Williams, MD (

Technology In Medicine (TechMed): The aim is to educate students in a relaxed environment about medical devices, technologies, and innovative research topics that are not taught in the classroom. Faculty Sponsor - Kevin McCarthy, PhD ( 

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group: Faculty Sponsor - Adam Canion, MD and Ryan Campbell, MD (

Medical Associations

AMA-MSS School Chapter

AMA-MSS School Chapter:  The AMA-MSS LSU Health Shreveport chapter strives to be the medical students' leading voice for improving medical education, advancing health care and advocating for the future of medicine. This chapter is located at Louisiana State University Health Shreveport, Louisiana and a membership of 300+ medical students. This MSS is a branch of the American Medical Association and works directly with the Louisiana State Medical Society. Faculty Sponsor: Lee Stevens, MD. 

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA):  The AMWA LSU Health Shreveprot chapter is a branch of the non-profit national organization founded in 1915.  We strive to serve the field of medicine and the community through advocacy, outreach, professional development, and education with the intention of raising awareness about issues within and outside of the medical profession.  Our meetings will include discussions about work-family balance, women’s experiences in male-dominated fields.  The faculty advisor is Jennifer Woerner, DMD, MD. For more information contact:  

Louisiana State Medical Society – Medical Student Section (LSMS-MSS)

Louisiana State Medical Society – Medical Student Section (LSMS-MSS):  Student members are included in a separate medical student section of the LSMS and are entitled to receive the monthly LSMS journal. For more information contact faculty sponsor Lee Stevens, MD.

Shreveport Medical Society-Medical Student Partnership

Shreveport Medical Society-Medical Student Partnership: This organization is comprised of 5-10 medical students who act as a liaison group to the Shreveport Medical Society (SMS). The students attend regular board meetings and quarterly meetings, meet with the SMS president, and work to provide recommendations to the SMS on how to get involved with the student body. Students apply each year and are selected by current members to become involved with this group. They become exposed to organized medicine and help to connect other students to opportunities through the SMS such as presenting research, shadowing physicians in the community, and networking with physicians from across the state. Faculty Sponsor Horatio D’Agostino, MD.

Latino Medical Student Association

The Latino Medical Student Association unites and empowers medical students through service, mentorship and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Student National Medical Association (SNMA):  This organization holds as its principal purpose the concerns of the minority medical student, though its programs address issues for all medical students. 

Other Opportunities for Students

Service Organizations

Service Organizations

Camp Tiger: This is a five-day camp for special needs children ages 5-22 run solely by medical students. Faculty Sponsors:  David DeSha ( and Christi Rinaudo, EdD ( 

Ecolalia: Faculty Sponsor: Robert Holladay, MD (

Executive Council of the Student Body: This organization serves as the student government for both medical and graduate students.  Officers are elected and will serve as representatives of the general student body. Faculty Sponsor: Laura Mackowiak (

EquaLSU: Faculty Sponsor - Jay Marion, MD ( 

Geaux Bald - St. Baldrick’s Foundation: Faculty Sponsor:  Jay Marion, MD ( 

Medical Students Against Addiction (MSAA): Faculty Sponsor: Nick Goeders, PhD (

Music, Arts and Humanities in Medicine: . LSUHS Arts & Humanities in Medicine is a group that allows students the opportunity to provide various art forms to patients and their families during their time in the hospital and associated clinics. Through the club, students are able to play music in patient waiting rooms, inpatient communal areas, and even individual patient rooms. In addition, the arts and crafts component of the club has started hosting monthly music and craft nights on the pediatric floor of the hospital. The goal of this organization is to provide both a therapeutic activity for patients and their families, as well as an outlet through which students can connect with patients in a different way.  For more information contact the Faculty Sponsor: Jay Marion, MD (

Organization of Student Representatives (OSR): The duty of the group is to present the voices, opinions and experiences of LSU students within this national organization. The group is integrated into Executive Council while working closely with both faculty and students. Faculty sponsor: Laura Mackowiak (

Science Matters: The groups mission is to advocate for the importance of science and science education (STEM) in our daily lives. Through advocacy and outreach efforts we aim to make science more accessible to the local general public. Faculty Sponsors: Jay Marion, MD ( and Michelle Carroll-Turpin, Phd ( 

Shreveport Adolescent Reproductive Health Project (SHARHP): An interprofessional team of healthcare students will work toward ensuring that all Caddo Parish public high school students will have access to age-appropriate, evidence-based, culturally sensitive and comprehensive reproductive health education, leading to safer, more responsible reproductive health decisions.  Faculty Sponsor: Lauren Beal, MD ( 

Students Taking Action In Public Health (STAPH): Group dedicated to exposing medial students to public health and its involvement in medical care through education, volunteering, and collaboration with other departments. Faculty Sponsor: Dennis Wissing, PhD (

Support for Humanitarianism through Intercontinental Projects (SHIP): A non-profit organization committed to imporving the quality of life of underprivileged populations. Medical students travel to Kenya each year to fulfill this mission. Faculty Sponsor:  Michael Harper, MD (   LEARN MORE ABOUT S.H.I.P.

Tiger Ambassadors:  Faculty Sponsor:  F. Scott Kennedy, PhD ( 

Community Service Opportunities

Community Service Opportunities

It is our belief that all LSU Health Shreveport students should experience the educational benefits associated with community involvement as part of their professional education. Participation in community service learning activities allows students to:

  • Develop an appreciation for community service and the contributions that healthcare providers can make to their communities through such service.
  • Apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to community issues.
  • Engage in active reflection to assess the experience from a personal, academic and civic perspective 

Opportunities for Community Service Learning
Students are encouraged to choose a community service learning opportunity that matches their individual interest and needs. The following is a listing of community service opportunities in Shreveport/Bossier:

Student Research Opportunities

Student Research Opportunities

Medical students may independently seek out and work with researchers in any area of their interest and choosing.  There are, however, three formal opportunities for students to learn and practice scientific research.

  • Research Option in Immersion:  This optional activity during Immersion (second semester of MS1 year) gives a sample of what is involved in doing scientific research.  The sessions are conducted by an experienced researcher and are intended to provide an overview of scientific research.  
  • Medical Student Research Program (MSRP):  This optional program is ideal for students who have an interest in a research experience as a means for greater understanding but who do not want to make a long term commitment to a research project.  The MSRP is completed during the summer (between MS1 and MS2 years for most students) and allows students to fully participate in an established research project.  Students also have the option to work with a research mentor to develop original work.  Students are required to write a research proposal, complete work in the research setting, design, print, and present a poster.  Students who successfully complete the MSRP receive a small stipend. 
  • Research Distinction Tract (RDT):  The RDT is for students who are interested in long-term participation with a research project.  Most participants in the RDT begin by participating in the MSRP and continuing their work through-out their medical school career.  Requirements for the RDT are rigorous and include IRB training, writing a grant proposal, writing an original manuscript, submitting it for publication, and presenting their research at least twice.  Students who successfully complete the RDT graduate with “Distinction in Research” noted on their diploma and transcript.
Students gather to discuss opportunities to participate in various clubs and organizations.

Student Affairs

School of Medicine's Groups, Organizations & Clubs

Student Affairs

School of Medicine's Groups, Organizations & Clubs

Student Affairs

School of Medicine's Groups, Organizations & Clubs

Student Affairs

School of Medicine's Groups, Organizations & Clubs

LSU Health Shreveport Resident volunteers in Kenya.