Welcome to the School of Allied Health Professions

Sharon L. Dunn, PT, PhD

Dean, Associate Professor
Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

The School of Allied Health Professions in Shreveport is pleased to welcome you.  Our history is rich from the many accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students and alumni and any successes are a reflection of what our graduates go on to achieve beyond their time with us.  As we enter a new era of growth and service to the citizens of Louisiana, we are thrilled to be a part of a school-wide system of integrated learning, clinical practice, and discovery.  As part of a larger academic health system our students have opportunities to engage across the continuum of care and with other students from a broad array of health disciplines.  We encourage all of our alumni and potential students to come and see all that is in store as we assume our respective roles in the next generation of team-based health delivery and an academic experience that best prepares our students for success. 

For those of you exploring a course of study with us, we invite you to visit the web pages of each of our seven academic programs. Whether you are looking for a degree in Cardiopulmonary Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Physician Assistant, Communication Disorders, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or our Master’s in Public Health offered in partnership with LSUS, we think you will be impressed with the quality of the educational offerings and the rewarding opportunities each professional degree affords.

To those who may be in search of clinical services, our full service Ambulatory Clinic maybe exactly what you are looking for. The Clinic offers a broad range of services in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Educational Testing, and Psychological Assessment. These include specialty areas of pediatrics, orthopaedics, neuro rehab, wellness, and wound management. In addition, our Children's Center provides the most comprehensive diagnostic services for learning challenged children east of Dallas.

I encourage you to explore all of the opportunities available through the School of Allied Health Professions. You'll be quite pleased to find that we are large enough to offer a broad variety of study, but right-sized to allow us to personalize your experience with us.


Office of the Dean

Dean: Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Dennis Wissing, PhD, FAARC
Assistant Dean of Research: Clifton Frilot, PhD, MBA, PE
Assistant Dean of Development: Suzanne Tinsley, PT, PhD
Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs: Stan McCallon, PT, DPT
Assistant Dean of Fiscal Affairs: Tony Luce, MBA, CPA, CGMA
Director of Admissions: Madeline Barclay, MPH
Director of Student Life and Alumni Affairs: Valorie Lurry
Manager of SAVE Program: Sue Johnson, RN, CNOR

Academic Program Directors

Cardiopulmonary Science: Diana Merendino, DPT, RRT, FAARC
Medical Lab Science: Stephanie Blackburn, MHS, MLS (ASCP)CM
Physician Assistant: Teri Bigler, DHEd, PA-C
Speech-Language Pathology: Sandra Hayes, SLPD, CCC-SLP
Occupational Therapy: Robin Steed, PhD, LOTR
Physical Therapy: Edward Mahoney, PT, DPT
Public Health: Jill Rush-Kolodzey, MD, MPH, DrPH

Faculty Delegate Assembly 

President: Daniel Flowers, PT, DPT
Vice President: Kristin Butler, MPH, MLS (ASCP)CM
Secretary: Ashley Fort, MPAS, PA-C
Delegate: Heather Anderson, EdD, CCC-SLP
Delegate: Jillian Danzy, BS, RRT, CPFT
Delegate: Becca Price, MOT, LOTR

Clinical Program Directors

Children's Center: Pamela Kimbrough, MEd
Rehabilitation Clinic: Stan McCallon, PT, DPT
Speech & Hearing Center: Sandra Hayes, SLPD, CCC-SLP



The School of Allied Health Professions was established by the Board of Supervisors April 2, 1970, and became operational July 1, 1970. From its inception through 1976, the School was located only on the New Orleans campus. In 1977, The School was expanded to include a second campus in Shreveport. Degree programs in Cardiopulmonary Science, Medical Laboratory Science, and Communication Disorders were offered. In the early 1980s, the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy departments initiated expansion programs in Shreveport and in 1994, a Physician Assistant program was begun.

On March 25, 2004, the Louisiana Board of Regents granted approval for the LSU Health Shreveport to establish a School of Allied Health Professions separate and distinct from New Orleans. At present, the School comprises three departments: Clinical Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences and Clinical Services. The Department of Clinical Sciences consists of the baccalaureate degree programs in Cardiopulmonary Science and Medical Laboratory Science and a master’s degree program in Physician Assistant Studies. The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences is comprised of the master’s degree programs in Communication Disorders and Occupational Therapy and a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. The Department of Clinical Services consists of the Children’s Center, Rehabilitation Clinic, and Mollie E. Webb Speech & Hearing Center. In addition, the school offers a Master of Public Health degree in partnership with LSU-Shreveport.

All educational programs of the School have been approved by the appropriate State agencies and are fully accredited by the appropriate nationally recognized credentialing bodies.

Educational Philosophy & Objectives

The School of Allied Health Professions subscribes to the philosophy of the LSU Administration which has a three-fold purpose: Developing to the highest level the intellectual and professional capacities of citizens through resident instruction; enriching instruction and establishing new frontiers through research and scholarship; and providing all Louisianans with information useful to advancing the State’s economy and culture. The School of Allied Health Professions recognizes that total health care of the community, State and the Nation must increasingly draw upon personnel, talents and skills of a broad range of disciplines. Therefore, programs for the education of allied health professionals must not only incorporate an understanding of, and appreciation for their own field, but also the fields of medicine and nursing. A comprehensive acquaintance with the cultural and physical heritage and bodies of knowledge which will assist the student in living a productive, humanitarian, and successful life in society is deemed important. The School recognizes its obligation to develop educational programs in the allied health professions compatible with this philosophy and striving for the highest level recognized as being justifiable in terms of the roles and responsibilities its graduates will assume.

The primary objective of the School is to increase the supply, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, of a variety of patient-oriented health professionals in the State of Louisiana and to meet the need for health services and future teachers in health-educational programs. The education for any health profession can best be accomplished in a health-oriented environment, such as the one provided at LSU Health Shreveport. This environment will permit the physician, nurse, allied health professional, and the student an opportunity to see the patient, as a team, thus developing sound working relationships requisite to educating the student for a role of leadership. Because of the close relationship developed with other undergraduate campuses of the LSU System, a strong core curriculum is available from which students can obtain a basic foundation and general understanding of various fields of allied health. This will permit students to sample a broad spectrum before final selection of a specific field and admission to the School of Allied Health Professions. The School provides vital public health and human services through direct patient/client care, and support for families. A further objective of the School is to develop and maintain programs of investigative studies and research within the allied health disciplines. The School will also assume a position of leadership in providing a mechanism to promote development of programs to meet the continuing educational needs of allied health professionals in Louisiana.