The Clinical Skills Center in the School of Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport plays a vital role in the clinical training and medical education of our students. By serving as a connector between classroom learning and real-life clinical experience, the Clinical Skills Center helps students build confidence as they learn to interview, diagnose, and treat patients. The integration of standardized patients and simulation into the medical curriculum gives students a hands-on experience and the opportunity to practice and improve their skills in a controlled environment without compromising the safety of an actual patient.

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Standardized Patient Lab

The Standardized Patient Lab consists of 10 patient exam rooms, a control center with 10 monitoring stations, as well as a classroom for debriefing.  Each exam room is equipped with cameras and a microphone for real-time viewing from the control center as well as recording into our data management system. 

Simulation Lab

The Simulation Lab consists of 3 simulation suites, a control room, and a classroom.  The adult, pediatric, and obstetric suites are set-up to simulate an emergency care environment.  Each room is equipped with cameras and a microphone for recording and real-time viewing from the control room.  

Technical Skills Lab

The Technical Skills Lab contains computer based and virtual reality simulators.  The lab is comprised of a Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) training room and an advanced skills classroom.  The classroom functions as a small group learning space and contains robotic, endoscopic and direct fundoscopic simulators.    

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For more information about the Clinical Skills Center or to schedule the Standardized Patient Lab for an exam or other activities, please contact:

Stacy Lee
Director, Clinical Skills Center

To learn more about the simulators we have available or to schedule a manikin session or use of the simulation lab or equipment please contact:

Elizabeth Young
Simulation Program Specialist

If you would like more information about our Standardized Patient Program or want to sign up for the next orientation session, please contact:

Crystal Morton
Academic Affairs Coordinator

If you would like to schedule simulation training or need help using our LearningSpace system, please contact:
Ashley Abrams

Project Coordinator




Clinical Skills Center

Clinical Skills Center

Clinical Skills Center

Clinical Skills Center

Clinical Skills Center