Residency positions for both programs are filled through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP). All applications and supporting documents are completed and transmitted through Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS). Our program offers categorical residency positions and includes a preliminary internal medicine internship for the PGY 1 year prior to beginning Diagnostic Radiology or IR/DR in the PGY 2 year. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning September 15. The application deadline is October 1 and interview invitations will be sent via email soon after.

Resident selection is a comprehensive process involving a committee composed of the Program Directors, faculty, and residents. Factors such as level of scholastic achievement, strength of letters of recommendation, and success during interviews are incorporated into the resident selection process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply through ERAS?

We only accept residency applications through ERAS. Please note that there our DR and IR/DR programs are listed as separate programs in ERAS. If you are interested in applying for both programs, you must submit your application to both.

Do you require a transitional or clinical year as a prerequisite?

Yes, we are a categorical program and provide the clinical year of training in internal medicine for both DR and IR/DR residents. The clinical year is an ACGME requirement for all radiology residency programs.

Do you have a cutoff year for medical school graduation?


Do I need a Step 2 score to be invited for an interview?

No, but it is strongly preferred. However, you must pass Step 2 prior to beginning residency training.

What are your requirements for letters of recommendation?

We require a minimum of three letters, and at least one from a radiologist. We also require a letter from the Dean.

Does your program accept IMGs?


Do you need ECFMG certification before applying?

No. However, you must meet all ECFMG requirements PRIOR to the start of your residency on July 1.

Do you sponsor J-1 or H1-B Visas?

LSU Health Shreveport only accepts J-1 Visas for house officers.

Do you accept COMLEX scores in place of USMLE?

Yes, we are in accordance with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, which accepts both USMLE and COMLEX scores.

What can I expect for the interview day?

Interviews are typically held over a Sunday and Monday. The interview process begins Sunday evening with a dinner with current residents (no faculty), hosted at a resident's home. The actual interviews take place on Monday morning.  A light breakfast is provided when you arrive. We split candidates into two groups and one group interviews while the other goes on a tour and vice versa. Candidates usually interview with four faculty members and two residents.

The entire group comes together for lunch with our current residents, a presentation about the program from the residents' perspective, and our daily noon conference. Candidates can expect all activities to wrap up around 1:00pm and depart soon after.

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Elizabeth Winkler, MA
Program Coordinator

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