Family Medicine Rural Residency Curriculum

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Our Facilities

Shreveport Family Medical Center

The Family Medicine Center (FMC) serves as the model office for the LSU Health Shreveport Family Medicine Residency Program. It occupies over 11,000 square feet within the Academic Medical Center and has an annual patient volume of 12,000 visits and is the residents' home base during their training. Throughout their training, residents see their personal patients in a setting that simulates a private office practice as closely as possible. First-year residents see patients on average about one half-day a week, second-year resident’s two half-days a week, and third-year resident’s three half-days a week. Supervision and assistance in patient care is provided by family medicine faculty members and through the support of well-trained and highly motivated nursing and office staff. 

Patients of the Center who require hospitalization are admitted to the Family Medicine service at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport. An upper-level Family Medicine resident, a first-year resident, and often a senior medical student make up the ward team, with supervision on daily attending rounds by a full-time Family Medicine faculty member. Patients are also admitted to the Family Medicine service from the Comprehensive Care Clinic, the Primary Care Clinic, and Family Medicine faculty. Experience in obstetrics and deliveries are managed by residents with faculty backup.

The FMC occupies the second floor of "A" Building at the Kings Highway entrance to the medical center. A conference room contains computers for resident use and a library of reference books to aid in diagnosis and management. A steadily growing library of patient education material is available to supplement physicians' oral discussions. Weekly didactic sessions are held in the conference room, also located in the FMC; didactic sessions include a Journal Club which focuses on continuing medical education and critical reading of the medical literature.

Medical records are maintained electronically with EPIC. It is designed to facilitate care that is comprehensive, preventive, and family-oriented. Staff consultants are available for nutritional patient education and a case manager is available to assist with home health and completion of medication assistance paperwork. Integrated and lab and radiology is already available.

Each resident follows obstetric patients in the FMC (a minimum of 10 is required), delivering them at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport and performing the newborn care.  Additional training may be elected in Caesarean section delivery, by which the resident becomes competent to perform this procedure in practice. 

Community medicine is learned during orientation month and by frequent consultation with the department's full-time medical social worker. Residents make several home visits during orientation and are encouraged to continue visiting occasional patients who are bedridden or whose home situation is thought to affect their illness.

Attending duties are performed by board-certified family physicians who are full-time faculty members. Consultations are readily available from consultants in the medical center and in private practice; however, there are no mandatory consultation requirements.

In addition its role in providing medical care to our patients, the family medicine service also serves to expose medical students and other specialists to our residents, our staff, and the concept of family medicine.

North Caddo Medical Center

North Caddo Medical Center 

Established in 1965 and owned by the Hospital Service District, North Caddo Medical Center’s has seen many changes over the years. However, none have been as promising and exciting as the past few. 2017 marked the completion date of NCMC’s total replacement facility.  NCMC is very proud to serve their community in such a beautiful, state of the art medical facility. The new facility has allowed NCMC to offer new services as well as expand other services provided.

NCMC offers a rare combination of advanced healthcare capabilities and exceptional care for all the families it serves. Surgery, cardiac care, urology, diagnostic radiology, labor and delivery, pediatrics and emergency medicine are among the many services that are offered. Two fully equipped, advanced life support ambulances are ready for emergencies in the district, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ambulances are stationed in separate locations of the 226 square mile district to ensure a fast response and care.

NCMC also includes the North Caddo Medical & Surgical Clinic, NCMC Plain Dealing Medical Clinic, Benton Medical, HealthPlex, and NCMC Fitness. The staff includes six full-time physicians, three nurse practitioners, and a licensed counselor. NCMC takes pride in their mission to provide exceptional care for all who enters their facilities.

Hospital Service District includes: Belcher, Dixie, Gilliam, Hosston, Ida, Mira, Mooringsport, Oil City, Rodessa, & Vivian.

Departmental Benefits

  • Required annual dues paid to American Academy of Family Physicians and Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians
  • ABFM In-Training Exam registration covered
  • Moonlighting is allowed by our department. Resident must be in good standing in order to moonlight. However, it may not interfere in any way with resident duties and responsibilities. 


What is the score cut-off?

No cutoff but the higher your scores, the better your chances.  If your passing score is low, it will help you if you pass the remaining tests with as high a score as possible.   Scores tell us how much you know and how hard you are willing to study.

Do you have a maximum number of attempts in CS examination?

No cutoff but fewer attempts, the better your chances.

Does your program sponsor J1/ H1-B visa? Is your program IMG friendly?

We are “friendly” to all who are qualified, however, we only sponsor J-1.  Currently about 2/3 of our program is IMG. 

Is US Clinical experience a mandatory requirement?

US clinical experience is preferred but it is not required. 

Do you have a cutoff for the number of years since graduation?

No cutoff for graduation date but the more recent the better.  We consider those who graduated more than two years ago on a case by case basis.

Educational Training

Family Medicine Rural Residency