Each patient seen in clinic by a fellow is seen with a faculty member. Over the course of the two-year program, most fellows will have seen all common endocrine conditions and the majority of rare conditions in a patient with whom they have shared evaluation and treatment personally with a faculty physician. In-patient consults are treated similarly.

Endocrinology and Metabolism functions in an atmosphere of inquiry and scholarly activity. Faculty teaching includes, but is not limited to, a month-long series of lectures to internal medicine residents, a second year medical student endocrinology course, and lectures to third year medical clerks and first year PA students. Faculty also give multiple Internal Medicine Grand Rounds lectures throughout the year. Lectures on bone pathophysiology, DXA, and thyroid ultrasound are also provided by VA faculty to develop fellows’ proficiency as skilled endocrinologists. 

For questions and inquiries contact:

Dr. David Scarborough
Fellowship Coordinator
Ms. Ashley D Wilson, BS, M.Ed
Phone: (318) 675-7620


There are essentially four rotations, four schedules fellows follow throughout the year. Each rotation lasts for one month. In a given month, two fellows are assigned to “LSU” rotations, and two are assigned to “VA” rotations. Among these, one fellow is designated A, the other B.
Presentation responsibilities: VA-A, VA-B, and LSU-B present during a given month.
Journal Club is monthly on a designated Friday at 1:30 PM. LSU-A is excused from presenting.
Night/Weekend Call- Weekdays: 5 pm – 8 am         
Weekend: Fri 5 pm – Mon 8 am 
LSU-A Fellow: Mon and Wed night
VA-A Fellow: Tues and Thurs night


Primarily responsible for LSU Consults. 
LSU Clinic Mon AM & PM
VA Clinic Tues or Thurs AM
VA Clinic Wed AM
LSU Clinic Fri AM
Takes night call Mon and Wed each week, weekend call once or twice during the month. 


LSU Clinic Monday AM & PM
VA Clinic Tues or Thurs AM, Tues PM
VA Clinic Wed AM
LSU Clinic Fri AM
Back-up for LSU Consult service.


Primarily responsible for VA Consults and VA FNA Biopsies.
LSU Clinic Mon PM
VA Clinic Tues or Thurs AM, Wed AM, Thurs PM
VA Clinic Fri AM
Takes night call Tues and Thurs each week, weekend call once or twice during the month.


LSU Clinic Mon AM & PM and 
VA Clinic Tues or Thurs AM, Tues PM, Wed AM
LSU Clinic Fri AM
Takes weekend call once during the month.


Core endocrinology curriculum and clinical conference – weekly, Wednesdays, 1:30 p.m.
Morbidity and Mortality Conference – weekly, Wednesdays
Journal Club – Fourth Friday of each month, 1:30 p.m.
Endocrinology-Pathology Conference – quarterly
Research Conference

Endocrine Procedural Training

Thyroid Ultrasound and Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy
DXA Interpretation
Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Dynamic Endocrine testing


Research opportunities include participation in pharmaceutical industry trials of new drugs, especially for diabetes mellitus, clinical studies related to diabetes and obesity, and basic science research in collaboration with our associated faculty in pathology, physiology, and pediatrics.
Multiple opportunities for clinical projects and clinical case reports are available with our Division faculty and with faculty in our affiliated departments. Clinical and Basic research at our institution is expanding rapidly at present under the direction of a Vice-Chancellor for Research and with many new opportunities for collaboration with Ochsner’s other campuses throughout the state.


Quality Exposure to a Diversity of Disorders


Owing to the scarcity of tertiary care centers in Louisiana, the Division sees tertiary care referrals from a large area of the state: east to Mississippi border, south to Lake Charles and the Gulf of Mexico, and southeast of Alexandria. The VA also sees referrals from an equally large portion of Louisiana, east Texas and southern Arkansas. This provides our trainees with a wealth of patients to care for and from whom to learn. 


Many routine and rare endocrine disorders are diagnosed and managed by our fellows. Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Hospital handles a large volume of critically ill and complex patients, including such challenging cases as pregnancy complicated by endocrine conditions (hyperparathyroidism, pheochromocytoma, thyroid storm, diabetic ketoacidosis).


The VA Hospital has complex cases as well, but also provides a significant amount of diabetes care to the nearby veteran population through its dedicated diabetes clinic. 


Endocrinology Fellowship