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Christopher D. Schmoutz, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology & Neuroscience


PhD, 2013, LSU Health Shreveport



Dr. Schmoutz research interests include neuropsychopharmacology, neuroendocrinology, and zebrafish models of neuropsychiatric disorders. As an educator, Dr. Schmoutz teaches topics of neuroscience and neuropharmacology to graduate and medical students. In his free time, Dr. Schmoutz likes to sing, act, and dance in musical theater and opera productions.

The Schmoutz Laboratory evaluates neuropharmacological therapeutics through advanced behavioral and neurochemical techniques. We are actively developing novel zebrafish models of neuropsychiatric disorders, including addiction, epilepsy, anxiety, and PTSD. These zebrafish models are high-throughput and inexpensive, allowing us to quickly answer important neuropsychopharmacological questions in a cost-effective manner. To accomplish these research goals, we utilize many novel open-source software and hardware solutions including 3-D printing for rapid prototyping, Arduino microcontrollers for automated behavioral experiments, and R for data analysis.

We are interested in further collaborations from like-minded researchers both in industry and academia.


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 NE Goeders, GF Guerin, CD Schmoutz. The combination of metyrapone and oxazepam for the treatment of cocaine and other drug addictions. in Advances in Pharmacology, vol 69, 2014.


 CD Schmoutz, Y Zhang, SP Runyon, NE Goeders. Antagonism of the neuropeptide S receptor with RTI-118 decreases cocaine self-administration and cocaine-seeking behavior in rats. in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, vol 103, 2012.



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