Technical Standards

Technical standards are essential abilities and characteristics required for admission, progression, and graduation from the LSU Health Shreveport School of Allied Health Professions. The following standards consist of certain minimum physical and cognitive abilities and sufficient mental and emotional stability to assure that students are able to complete the entire course of study and participate fully in all aspects of the academic and clinical curriculum, with or without reasonable accommodations:

Physical Health/Motor Skills: A PA student must possess the physical health and stamina needed to carry out the program of medical education. A PA student must have sufficient use of motor skills to carry out all necessary procedures, both those involved in learning the fundamental sciences and those required in the hospital and clinical environment. This includes the ability to stand/walk for long periods, move and communicate while in a sterile surgical field, and handle sharp instruments safely.

Communication/Sensory Abilities: A PA student must possess sufficient abilities of speech, language, hearing, vision, touch, and smell to observe effectively in the classroom and laboratory, perform physical examinations in a clinical setting, and communicate effectively with patients, teachers, and peers in both oral and written forms. A PA students must possess the ability to observe both close at hand and at a distance with both eyes including depth perception.

Intellectual Skills: A PA student must have sufficient powers of intellect to acquire written and auditory information, as well as the ability to assimilate, integrate, and apply information. A PA student must possess the ability to participate in relevant educational exercises and extract information from written sources. A PA student must have the intellectual ability to solve problems. A PA student must possess the ability to comprehend three-dimensional and spatial relationships.

Behavioral Qualities: A PA student must possess the emotional health sufficient to fulfill all academic and technical standards, must have good judgment, and must behave in a professional, reliable, mature, ethical, and responsible manner. A PA student must possess the mental resilience to work extended hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. A PA student must be adaptable, possessing sufficient flexibility to function in new and stressful environments. A PA student must possess appropriate motivation, integrity, emotional stability, compassion, and a genuine interest in caring for others.

LSU Health Shreveport seeks to comply with the American with Disabilities Act by providing reasonable accommodations, including resources and services, for students with disabilities, chronic medical conditions, a temporary disability, or pregnancy complications resulting in difficulties with accessing learning opportunities.