Student Admissions


OTCAS 2019-2020 application cycle opens: July 18, 2019
Deadline to submit OTCAS application: September 15, 2019
Classes begin: May 18, 2020
Application: Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service (OTCAS) 



Preference will be given to Louisiana residents. Information regarding establishing LA residency may be obtained by the Office of the Registrar or on their website

The following are the minimum admission requirements for application to the Occupational Therapy Program:

1. Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university by the first day of class in the OT Program. 

2. Minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA (4.0 scale).
3. Minimum 3.2 GPA in required pre-requisite courses (4.0 scale).

4. Minimum Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from within the last five years sent to GRE DI code 7408 by the application deadline:
  • Quantitative: 140
  • Verbal: 146
  • Analytical Writing: 4.0 
5. Grade of “C” or better in required pre-requisite courses from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university by the first day of class in the OT Program:
  • Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
  • Human Anatomy/Lab (4 credits)
  • General Chemistry (3 credits)
  • Developmental Psychology (lifespan) (3 credits)
  • Inferential Statistics (3 credits)
  • Motor Development (3 credits)
  • General Physics or Bio-mechanics/Lab (4 credits)
  • Human Physiology (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
6. Eighty percent (80%) of the prerequisite courses must be completed by December 31st of the year of application.

7. Applicants must acquire a minimum of 40 observation hours and document the hours using the Occupational Therapy Document of Experience form. The occupational therapy areas of practice MUST include:
  • 20 hours in a pediatric setting under one pediatric LOTR, and

  • 20 hours in an adult inpatient rehabilitation setting under one adult rehabilitation LOTR. 

8. After initial processing of applications, selected applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview.

9. Accepted students must certify that they meet the technical standards established by the program with or without reasonable accommodations. 

How to Apply

  • Please follow these instructions carefully as the LSU Health Shreveport Occupational Therapy Program will use the information provided on OTCAS to make decisions regarding admission.
  • Check your OTCAS email regularly since this is how the Program will communicate with you. Make sure that emails from OTCAS are accepted (not sent to junk mail) by your email program.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to complete the correct prerequisite courses and to meet application deadlines. The Program does not notify applicants of missing documents, ineligible prerequisites or approaching deadlines.
  • The Program starts accepting applications through OTCAS in July. Interviews are held in December and successful applicants are admitted to the program in May. Applicant responsibilities are listed according to this timeline.

July 18 2019

  1. The OTCAS admissions cycle opens for the LSU Health Shreveport Occupational Therapy May 2020 admissions.
  2. Create OTCAS account and begin application. You will need to submit three letters of reference which OTCAS calls “evaluations.” These do not impact the LSU Health Shreveport MOT admission decisions but the OTCAS system requires them.
  3. Once you have listed all colleges you have attended in the OTCAS system, you should print the Transcript Request Form (located within the OTCAS system) and provide it to the Registrar’s office at each institution so that the Registrar can send an official copy of your transcript to OTCAS. Do this in July so that the official transcript will arrive at OTCAS in time for the system to verify your grades.
  4. Ask the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send your GRE scores to OTCAS. LSU Health Shreveport MOT Program Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) Designated Institution (DI) Code from ETS is 7408. All applicants must request that ETS send their GRE scores directly to OTCAS using the DI code for LSU Health Shreveport MOT Program, since each program has its own DI Code. ETS will transmit official GRE scores electronically to OTCAS. Please do NOT send GRE scores to the MOT Program.
  5. Upload a resume addressing the following as applicable: work history, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and relevant life experiences.
  6. Your Personal Statement (essay) should address why you selected OT as a career and how an Occupational Therapy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals. Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals. The personal statement (essay) is an important part of your application for admission and provides you with an opportunity for you to clearly and effectively express your ideas.
  7. Print and follow directions on the Document of Experience form. 

September 15, 2019

Deadline to submit your final application. "Submit" means that you have completed the “submit and pay” process on OTCAS. Depending on what documents OTCAS has already received, submitting will move your application from an “In-Progress” status to a “Received > Awaiting Materials” status or a “Materials Received (Complete) > Verifying” status. In order for your application to meet the October 31st verification deadline, you should have all your materials in by September 15 (and have a “Materials Received (Complete)>Verifying” status). The verification process may take up to six weeks. While we will still consider applications which are not complete after September 15, we will not consider applications submitted after September 15.

October 31, 2019

Deadline for "verified" OTCAS application, including verification of your GRE scores. If your application is not verified by OTCAS by this date, your application will not go forward.

Deadline for submission of Document of Experience forms to:

LSU Health Shreveport
School of Allied Health-OT Program
Attention: Angie Collins
1501 Kings Hwy/PO Box 33932
Shreveport, LA 71130

November and December 2019

Interviews are scheduled in November and December. Students who have been selected for interviews will be notified by email through OTCAS. It is the applicants’ responsibility to monitor their OTCAS email account and respond to all emails. Students who have not been selected for interviews will be notified through OTCAS in November.

December 31, 2019

Official Fall 2019 transcripts are due in the Program in Occupational Therapy office for students who were enrolled during the Fall semester. Official transcripts should be sent to Angie Collins at the above address.

January 30, 2020

Applicants are notified of the admissions committee’s decisions. Applicants are notified by OTCAS email and official university letter. Acceptances are conditional until applicant meets all admission requirements.

March 1, 2020

  • Deadline to accept offer of position in class of 2020 with written confirmation and deposit.
  • Applicants on the waitlist are notified of openings.
  • Applicants who have accepted offer will be given instructions for completing further requirements for admission

March 30, 2020

Admissions cycle ends. Remaining applicants on waitlist are notified of status.






Student Admissions Office
(318) 813-2908

Occupational Therapy 
Department Office

Angie Collins, OT Coordinator
(318) 813-2950


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