Trauma Center
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Transfer Center

University Health Transfer Center is a 24/7 call center which links referring physicians and their patients to the specialty resources of University Health Shreveport – namely the University Hospital, the Childrens Hospital and Cancer Center. These facilities are staffed by faculty physicians from the LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine.

University Health Transfer Center provides community physicians with easy one call access for consultations and interhospital patient transfers. Each year, our team of nurse expediters serve thousands of patients from across Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and beyond. In 2013, the Transfer Center responded to ~11,000 service requests including ~4,000 transfers. This includes calls for burn, trauma, and and all other medical and surgical services for adults and children.

Why is the Transfer Center so critical?

Time is obviously of the essence in medical settings. It can often be challenging to get patients transferred from community settings into tertiary medical centers like ours. Sometimes it takes referring physicians many phone calls to get the information and to secure the arrangements they need. the Transfer Center provides callers with one call access – taking care of all the logistics from getting an accepting physician, bed assignment, financial clearance if indicated and follow-up information.

Who staffs the Transfer Center?

the Transfer Center has specially trained nursing coordinators known as transfer expediters. They work with physicians, admitting staff, case managers and others to help ensure a smooth referral and transfer experience.

Where is the Transfer Center based?

It is located within the Emergency Care Center (ER) at University Health Shreveport.

How do I reach the Transfer Center?

Feel free to reach the Transfer Center by calling 318.LSU.STAT or toll-free 855.LSU.STAT. Our email address is On campus callers can reach us at 5.STAT (5.7828).

The Trauma Center is part of a partnership between University Health Shreveport and LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine.
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