When are jobs posted?

New job advertisements are posted regularly before the close of business. (Posting dates are subject to change for scheduled holidays.) 

How do I know what jobs are available at LSUHSC Shreveport?

Available positions at LSUHSC Shreveport are posted on the Employment page. These positions are also posted on the LA Careers website (https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/louisiana).

What are the main differences between classified and unclassified positions?

Candidates for Unclassified positions must meet the minimum qualifications of the job and possess the degree indicated in the posting.  Unclassified employees are paid monthly.

Candidates for Classified positions must meet the minimum requirements of the job and may be required to take a written exam.  Classified employees are paid bi-weekly.

I have applied several times but can't seem to get a job!

Applicant pools can be quite large and include many qualified candidates, which may create a competitive situation.  Human Resources encourages qualified individuals to continue to apply for positions that become available.

Job descriptions, brief descriptions of responsibilities of the job, are available for review on each position posted.  This information may be used to create a customized cover letter which may draw attention to your specific skills and experience.

Before responding to a position posting, review your resume, curriculum vitae, and/or Civil Service online application to ensure that the information is comprehensive, accurate, and current.

Do Faculty positions have job descriptions?

Faculty positions do not have job descriptions unless the position includes administrative duties.

What is the salary range for positions?

A salary range for each position will be listed on the job postings.  However, the individual salary that an applicant can receive will be determined upon official offer based on the applicant's education and experience.

How long do I have to make a decision on retirement plans?

Unclassified staff has sixty (60) days from their effective date to choose a retirement plan.  If a decision is not made within the first sixty days, the employee defaults into the State Retirement Plan (Teachers' Retirement).

Other Resources for Career Development