Real-Time PCR Instrumentation

The Research Core Facility contains four Real-Time PCR Instruments.

Bio-Rad CFX96 Fast (3)

The Research Core Facility has three Bio-Rad CFX96 Fast Real-Time PCR Systems. The CFX96 is a six-channel real-time PCR system that combines advanced optical technology with precise thermal control to deliver sensitive, reliable detection. The system’s solid-state optical technology (six filtered LEDs, each with a corresponding filtered photodiode) maximizes fluorescence detection for specific dyes in specific channels, providing sensitive detection for quantitation and target discrimination. Data is collected from all wells during data acquisition. At every position and with every scan, the optics shuttle is reproducibly centered above each well, so the light path is always optimal and there is no need to sacrifice data collection on one of the channels to normalize to a passive reference. Users can select multiple data acquisition modes, including a one-color fast scan for SYBR green. Thermal gradient features can be used to optimize reactions in a single run. The new CFX Manager software has advanced analysis tools for performing normalized gene expression. In addition, this system does not require fluorescein or ROX for instrument normalization.

Recommended Sample Volumes
CFX96 Fast10-25 ul
Dye Calibration
FluorophoreChannelPlate Type
Cal Gold 5402Clear/White
Quasar 6704Clear/White
Texas Red3Clear/White

Click here to download the CFX96 Fast Instrument Manual.

Click here to download the CFX Manager User Guide.

Bio-Rad CFX384 Touch (1)

The Research Core Facility has one Bio-Rad CFX384 Touch Real-Time PCR System.  The system's solid-state optical technology (5 filtered LEDs and 5 filtered photodiodes) provide precise quantification and multiplex target discrimination.  All other acquisition and analysis parameters are identical to the CFX96 Fast System.

Recommended Sample Volumes
CFX384 Touch5-20 ul
Dye Calibration
FluorophoreChannelPlate Type
Cal Gold 5402White
Cal Orange 5602White
Cal Red 6103White
Quasar 6704White
Tex 6153White
Texas Red3White