1. Data from Affymetrix, MiSeq NGS, and smaller NextSeq 550 NGS experiments will be provided on USB flash drives at an additional cost of $40 per experiment. Larger amounts data generated on the NextSeq 550 will be provided on a 1 terabyte external hard drive at an additional cost of $100 per experiment. This fee also includes a back-up copy of data generated in the Genomics Research Core Facility for 3 years. The Genomics Research Core Facility will not reuse or recycle drives. Investigators can request additional copies of the data, but will incur a new charge for the additional storage device. 
  2. The Agilent TapeStation is operated by the Core’s research staff at a cost of $10 per sample. Guidelines for dropping off samples are as follows:
  • If Core staff are unavailable, samples can be dropped off in the -80oC freezer in BRI F6-15.  A sign will be posted on the freezer as to where to place your samples. 
  •  Email Core staff to alert them that samples were dropped off. When emailing them, please include a list of sample names and the sample type.
  •  The Core will email a report to the investigator within 3 business days following receipt of the email.  
  1. An Agilent Bioanalyzer is also available for end-user operation at a cost of $10 per run (up to 12 RNA samples or 10 DNA samples). Interested investigators should schedule training with Core staff prior to using the equipment. Kits will need to be purchased by the investigator and are not provided by the core. 
  2. The RCF Genomics Core is not responsible for costs associated with samples that fail quality control, labeling, or library preparation for services associated with Affymetrix microarray or next generation sequencing, if the failure is due to sample quality issues. This includes sample purity and sample integrity. 
  3. Samples that fail quality control measures using the Agilent TapeStation or the Qubit analyzer will be billed for the cost of the reagents associated with these analyses. In addition, samples that fail labeling or library preparation for Affymetrix microarray or library preparation for next generation sequencing will be billed for the cost of the reagents used in these procedures, if the failure is due to sample quality issues. These measures are necessary, as the RCF needs to recoup the associated consumable costs for these procedures. 
  4. Samples will be put in the queue for processing ONLY after they have been received and pass all quality control measures.