NGS Instrumentation

Illumina MiSeq

NGS Illumina MiSeq

The MiSeq is useful for focused applications such as small genome sequencing, metagenomics, amplicon sequencing and targeted gene sequencing. It is capable of generating up to 15 GB of output with 25 M sequencing reads and up to 2 x 300 bp read lengths.

Cluster generation, sequencing and analysis are all performed on the MiSeq. The sequencing process takes place on a single channel flow cell. Multiple samples can be pooled together and sequenced by using unique index barcodes during library preparation.

ChemistryCyclesRead LengthOutput# of Single Reads~Run Time
V2501 x 36 bp≤ 610 Mb≤15 million4 hours
501 x 50 bp≤ -850 Mb≤ 15 million5.5 hours
3002 x 150 bp≤ 5.1 Gb≤ 15 million24 hours
5002 x 250 bp≤ 8.5 Gb≤ 15 million39 hours
V31502 x 75 bp≤ 3.8 Gb≤ 25 million24 hours
6002 x 300 bp≤ 2-15 Gb≤ 25 million65 hours

Illumina NextSeq 550


The NextSeq 550 is a more flexible system, enabling the analysis of transcriptomes, exomes and whole genomes. It is capable of generating up to 120 Gb of output with up to 400 M single sequencing reads and up to 2 x 150 bp read lengths.  The NextSeq 550 also includes the capability of scanning cytogenomic BeadChip arrays.

ModeCyclesRead LengthOutput# of Single Reads~Run Time

Mid Output

1502 x 75 bp≤ 19.5 Gb≤ 130 million15 hours
3002 x 150 bp≤ 39 Gb≤ 130 million26 hours
High Output751 x 75 bp≤ 30 Gb≤ 400 million11 hours
1502 x 75 bp≤ 60 Gb≤ 400 million18 hours
3002 x 150 bp≤ 120 Gb≤ 400 million29 hours