NGS Data Analysis

Data Analysis:

For RNA-Seq applications, the Core is able to provide lists of differentially expressed transcripts. Our pipeline involves the following steps:

  • STAR alignment
  • RSEM counting
  • EBSeq differential expression
  • Transcripts filtering with a FDR of 0.05, unless otherwise specified.

For all applications, the sequence reads (in fastq format) and alignment files, if applicable, will be delivered to the investigator on a flash drive and will be available for download through Illumina BaseSpace online.

Upon request, the LSUS bioinformatics team can provide help for a deeper analysis of the sequencing data.  They are located in the Laboratory for Advanced Biomedical Informatics at LSUS.  Their website can be accessed at

LSUS Bioinformatics Team

Dr. Marjan Trutschl
Office: Technology Center 216
318-797-5131 (office)
318-795-4274 (research lab)

Dr. Urška Cvek
Office: Technology Center 215
318-795-4266 (office)