Timeline and Deadlines

Timeline and Deadlines

Deadlines to look for below: 
August 1 (EDP)
November 1 (AMCAS)
November 15 (AMCAS)
December 15 (Secondary)
April 30 (Double-hold)
June 1 (Graduate students at LSUHSCS)
July 15 (CBC's)

April through September

  • This is the preferred time to take the MCAT if you want to begin medical school in the following year.
  • EDP applicants should take MCAT no later than June 18 in order to receive a score by the EDP application deadline date.


  • Begin completing the AMCAS application when it becomes available online in May.

June through August

  • Complete and submit your application to AMCAS. EDP applicants should submit as soon as possible. The EDP section of the FAQ page has more information about EDP deadlines.
  • Complete the online Secondary Application. 
  • Have your Pre-professional Advisory Committee packet or required letters of reference sent to:

                        Dr. F. Scott Kennedy
                        Assistant Dean for MD Student Admissions
                        LSUHSC-Shreveport School of Medicine
                        1501 Kings Highway
                        Shreveport, LA  71103

July through February
Files of applicants for whom we have a verified AMCAS application, a complete Secondary Application, Pre-professional Advisory Committee packet and/or letters of recommendation are reviewed.

Deadline => August 1
EDP - Date by which EDP applicants must have on file:

  • Verified AMCAS application,
  • MCAT Score,
  • Completed Secondary application,
  • Required Letters of Recommendation, and
  • Non-refundable application fee of $50.

August and September

  • Applications for the Early Decision Program are reviewed, and selected (not all) EDP applicants are interviewed.


October through March

  • All EDP applicants are notified of their outcome by October 1.
  • Selected regular applicants are invited by e-mail to interview on campus.

Deadline => November 1
AMCAS - Date by which your online AMCAS application must be submitted.

Deadline => November 15
Transcripts - AMCAS must have received transcripts from all schools you have attended since high school by November 15.

November through March
Soon after their interviews, interviewed applicants are sent letters telling them
whether they have been admitted, put on the Acceptable List, or that they must reapply.

Deadline => December 15
Everything else - Date by which applicants for the entering class must have on file in the Admissions Office:

  • Verified AMCAS application,
  • MCAT Score,
  • Completed Secondary Application,
  • Required letters of recommendation or Pre-professional Advisory Committee Packet. and
  • Non-refundable application fee of $50.

January 5
FAFSA -- No matter where you go to medical school, and even if you have no intention of using financial aid, you still need to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You need it to get a scholarships or awards. No FAFSA, no Scholarship.

January through July
Of students on the Acceptable List, some are admitted, some remain on the List, and some are asked to reapply.

Applicants holding places at more than one school are encouraged to "Do your friends a favor" by releasing their place at any school they do not plan to attend.

Deadline => April 30
Decision Day - Applicants who continue to hold places at other schools after April 30 are notified that their place in Shreveport has been forfeited.

May 15 through registration on July 31

  • Any vacancies are filled with selected applicants on the Waiting List.
  • Admitted applicants --> Read, download, complete and otherwise take care of pre-matriculation requirements detailed under Things you Absolutely Must Do in order to Start School this July, in another section of our website.

Deadline => June 1
Graduate degrees - Applicants who are enrolled in the LSUHSCS School of Graduate Studies, or the joint Master's program with LSU-S must have completed all degree requirements. A letter from the Chair of their major department verifying that this has been done, must have been received by June 1.

June 5 to June 30
Admitted applicants have official final transcripts sent from all schools attended.

Deadline => July 15
CBC's. We need to receive a final report from Certiphi, the company performing the Criminal Background Checks, by close of business July 15, in case there are findings which need to be reviewed and addressed. Miss this deadline, and you'd better start thinking Deferred Enrollment.

July 1 to July 15
A few Wait-Listed applicants are advised to ready themselves for possible fast-track admission/matriculation. They are asked to submit final transcripts, complete the medical forms, and other things that matriculating students must do.

This is so that someone can step in and register in the event that one or more accepted students forfeit their place by failing to fulfill their obligations with respect to pre-matriculation requirements and deadlines.

July 30 is Registration

  • The first-year class of the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in Shreveport is welcomed and congratulated!
  • Applicants still on the Waiting List are advised that they must reapply.