Timeline and Deadlines



Click here for a brief video presentation comparing Early Decision and Regular Decision timelines and deadlines. 

Deadlines to look for below:

August 1 (EDP)
November 1 (AMCAS)
November 15 (AMCAS)
December 15 (Secondary)

January through September 2019

  • This is the preferred time to take the MCAT if you want to begin medical school in July, 2020.
  • EDP applicants should take MCAT no later than mid-June in order to receive a score by the EDP application deadline date.

May 2019

  • Begin completing the AMCAS application when it becomes available online in May.

June through August 2019

  • Complete and submit your application to AMCAS. EDP applicants should submit as soon as possible. The EDP section of the FAQ page has more information about EDP deadlines.
  • Complete the online Secondary Application.
  • Have Letters of Recommendation uploaded to AMCAS Letters.

July 2019 through February 2020

  • Credentials of applicants with complete and verified applications are reviewed.

DEADLINE ⇒ August 1, 2019

  • EDP - Date by which EDP applicants must have completed their application.

August and September 2019

  • Applications for the Early Decision Program are reviewed, and applicants are notified of Committee’s decisions by October 1.

October 2019 through March 2020

  • Selected regular applicants are invited by e-mail to interview on campus.

DEADLINE ⇒ November 1, 2019

  • AMCAS - Date by which your online AMCAS application must be submitted

DEADLINE ⇒ November 15, 2019

  • Transcripts - AMCAS must have received transcripts from all schools you have attended since high school by November 15

DEADLINE ⇒ December 15, 2019

  • Everything else - Date by which applicants for the entering class must have completed their application

January 5, 2020

  • FAFSA -- No matter where you go to medical school, and even if you have no intention of using financial aid, you still need to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You must complete and submit it to be considered for scholarships. No FAFSA, no scholarship.

January through July 2020

  • Of students on the Acceptable List, some are admitted, some remain on the List, and some are advised they will need to reapply.

March 2020

  • Applicants holding places at more than one school are encouraged to: "Do your friends a favor" by releasing their place at any school they do not plan to attend.

April up until Registration 2020

  • Vacancies are filled with selected applicants on the Waiting List.
  • Admitted applicants → read, download, complete, and otherwise take care of pre-matriculation requirements as requested/required by the Registrar

July 31, 2020 is Registration

  • The first-year class is welcomed and congratulated!
  • Applicants still on the Waiting List are advised that they will need to reapply.