Letters of Recommendation

AMCAS Letter Service – Yes!

In a change from the past, LSUHSC-Shreveport now participates in the AMCAS Letter Service.
Direct Mailing.

LOR’s may still be mailed directly to:
          Dr. F. Scott Kennedy
          Assistant Dean for Student Admissions
          LSUHSC-Shreveport School of Medicine
          1501 Kings Highway
          Shreveport, LA 71103


Premedical or pre-professional advisory committees can upload LOR’s to VirtualEvals.

AMCAS Letters, direct mailing, and VirtualEvals all work. Nothing else. Nothing.

Important > Premedical or pre-professional advisory committees can upload materials to VirtualEvals or mail them to us. We WILL NOT receive letters sent or uploaded anywhere else.

What letters do I need?
Required: A or B
A -Your Premedical Advisory Committee
B -Three professors
              a) Science,
              b) Science, and
              c) One other (science or non-science) Optional: ( in addition to A or B above )
Professors or non-professors, up to three. Note: Graduate student teachers and lab assistants don't count as professors.
A letter from the Pre-professional Advisory Committee or its equivalent is the one we want and the only one you need. You can have up to three additional letters sent if you want.

Current and Timely Letters
Please read and understand ... Letters are acceptable only for the application cycle for which they were written, unless ...
Committee Letters - Committee letters can be used a second time if the Committee specifies in the second year, that it can be re-used.
Individual Letters - Individual letters can be used a second time if the letter writer reproduce the letter with a current date.
Individual letters must be dated and received no earlier than May 1.  Letters received before May 1 will be discarded.

Some advisory offices staple a packet of letters together and send them for the student year after year ... Not. The same requirement for timeliness holds, which likely will mean that the individual writers must reproduce new letters.
Sorry, but this falls on the student to run this down.
Required: Letters must be signed and dated.

What if my school doesn't have a Committee?
You have to report this on your Secondary Application, and you should have 3 letters from college professors sent. We prefer that all 3 be from science professors, but letters from 2 science professors plus 1 from a non-science professor will suffice.You can have up to three additional letters sent if you want, but these are not necessary.

When are they due?
The required letters are due in the Admissions office by noon on December 15, if you want to start school the following summer.

What if I don't want to use the Committee?
Knowing that this places you at a disadvantage, you need to explain why you did not go through the committee and have letters sent by three professors, two of which must be science professors.

What if I wasn't a science major and they don't know me? 
Hmmm. You could have a problem.

What if I graduated several years ago? 
Hmmm. Same as above.

What if I missed my Pre-professional Advisory Committee's deadline or one of their requirements?
Same answer as three up, plus knowing that this looks like poor planning on your part, you need to explain what happened and why. Truthfully!

Who should I get to write letters if I don't or can't use the Committee?
Letters should come from people who can comment on your abilities, performance and other attributes that make you a desirable applicant. Letters from senior faculty, such as professors, carry more weight than those from junior faculty. Try to pick professors who are experienced in writing letters and who have earned a reputation for telling it like it is. (Remember that TA's, Instructors and Lab Assistants are not professors.)