We can now admit up to ten percent of our incoming class from out of state. However, all things being equal, Louisiana residents will receive preference.
Regardless of state of legal residence, those whose experiences and backgrounds will add diversity and value to the class are especially encouraged to apply.


Applicants must begin the application process by completing an AMCAS application online and designating the Louisiana State University School of Medicine Shreveport as the institution to which the application is to be forwarded.

AMCAS applications are available only on the web. For information acount the AMCAS application process and to open an account to complete an AMCAS application go to: AMCAS (the American Medical College Application Service)

This site also contains information about AMCAS deadlines, application fees, the fee assistance program, policies and procedures, frequently asked questions, and has links to sites that will help you find a pre-health advisor.

Secondary Application 

Non-refundable application fee ($50)

Unless AMCAS has granted a fee waiver, applicants must mail a check for Fifty Dollars to:
Dr. F. Scott Kennedy
Assistant Dean for MD Student Admissions
1501 Kings Highway
Shreveport, LA  71103

When/How will I get access to your Secondary application?

At any time, however, you can download a PDF copy of our Secondary. You must complete and mail us your Secondary application along with the non-refundable $50 application fee, both of which must be in our hands by COB on December 15.

Do all applicants get to complete a Secondary Application? - Yes.

Photographs. Can I send one? Should I send one? - Yes, please.

You are encouraged to snail-mail us a current, wallet-sized photo of yourself for identification purposes. Print your name and AMCAS ID on the back. Now think ... Right or wrong your photo introduces you to strangers and makes a lasting impression, so consider investing in a little quality. Your call.
Most people mail their Secondary application, the application fee, and photo together.

Is my application complete when I mail my Secondary? And, will I receive the weekly status reports by e-mail after that?

In most cases, we send you instructions on accessing our Secondary application before your AMCAS is verified. However, until verified, your AMCAS application is incomplete.
From September through December, applicants with verified AMCAS applications receive our status e mails most Thursdays.