FAQ's Secondary Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your Secondary Application be online?

Yes. You can download a PDF worksheet for the Secondary if you like. However, we will NOT accept emailed Secondary Applications. You must complete and submit online by December 15.

How much is the application fee?

It is $50, which is a little below the average. The application fee is non-refundable and is charged to all applicants who complete a Secondary Application except those granted a fee waiver by AMCAS.

Do all applicants get to complete a Secondary Application?

No. Only Louisiana residents are given access to the secondary.

Photographs. Can I send one? Should I send one?

Yes, please. We encourage you to snail-mail us a current, 2x3 inch photo of yourself. Print your name and AMCAS ID on the back. Think about it ... Right or wrong, your photo introduces you to strangers and makes a lasting impression, so consider investing in a few $$ in quality, as if your future might depend on it. Your call.

Photo Contest!!! -- Lighten up! Break the monotony! Pick a winner right now!

Click here to view some of the application photos from last year, in no particular order. Think ... What impression would each make on the Admissions Committee???

Help judge the Photo Contest.

E-mail us your choices and based on your votes (and our counting), the winners will receive some suitable token of appreciation from the Admissions Office. (By the way, these students cheerfully gave their permission in the hope of helping others. Hmmm ... Wanna be a winner yourself ??? Go for it !!!

Will I be informed if anything is missing from my file?

Not unless you call the Office of Admissions (318.675.5190) between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays, when we do file checks. Better than calling is reading the periodic emails which tell you what is in your file as well as the status of your application. We update our database shortly before these go out. So, if something is not mentioned, we don't have it.

The deadline for completing my Secondary Application is about to expire! What should I do?!?!

Complete and submit it as soon as you can, send us your photo and check, and have letters of recommendation sent. But clearly understand that we will not accept Secondary Applications that are submitted after December 15.

Are all applicants interviewed if they complete the Secondary Application and submit the necessary supporting documents?

No. But only those whose applications are complete are considered for an interview. Getting invited for an interview is a competitive process in which each application is evaluated and those deemed most deserving are invited.