FAQ's Louisiana Residency

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you give preference to residents of the State of Louisiana?

We are supported by the citizens of Louisiana, and the number of qualified in-state applicants far exceeds the number of spaces available. Special consideration may be given to applicants whose parent(s) graduated from our school.

What is the definition of a Louisiana resident?

The rules are pretty complex, but if you are a dependent, your parent(s) must have lived in Louisiana for 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of medical school.If you are independent, you have the same residency requirement and you have to show evidence that you intend to make Louisiana your permanent domicile. Attending school does not count unless you are self-supporting during that time. Just owning property in Louisiana or having relatives who are Louisiana residents does not help.

What kinds of documents are necessary to support my claim to Louisiana residency?

Simple question ... complex answer. No one item is absolutely essential or sufficient. You need a paper trail. Driver's license, car registration, voter's registration, apartment lease, deed to a house, utility bills, W-2's, voters registration all count, but the main thing is evidence of intent to make Louisiana your permanent domicile and evidence that that you have resided in the state for 12 months for reasons other than getting an education.

Does marriage to a Louisiana resident mean anything?

You bet. Marriage to a Louisiana resident entitles you consideration as the same.

So what happens if I get accepted as a Louisiana resident but cannot come up with the required documentation to support my claim to Louisiana residency?

The Registrar makes residency determinations for this campus, and if your residency has been questioned, a letter from him stating that you are a Louisiana resident for LSU tuition purposes is both necessary and sufficient. Should this fail to happen by June 1, your place is forfeited and offered to someone else. Someone on the Waiting List will owe you big time!

I think I am a resident of two states. Can I apply as a resident of say, New York, on my AMCAS application and still be considered as a Louisiana resident for admissions purposes by the School of Medicine in Shreveport?

No. Because this issue has caused problems and misunderstandings before, we require that applicants list Louisiana as their state of residence on the AMCAS application to be initially considered by us as a Louisiana resident.