Frequently Asked Questions

Who will interview me and what is the interview format?

At LSUHSC Shreveport applicants have two one-on-one interviews that last 30-45 minutes. The format is relaxed and is meant to be a forum for information exchange.

What kind of things are they trying to assess in an interview?

Basically, they are trying to assess all of those things that are almost impossible to put down on paper: interpersonal skill level, maturity, depth of motivation, soundness of decision, experiences, and the like. In general, they are trying to find out what kind of person you are and how motivated you are to study medicine.

So how do I prepare for a medical school interview?

Ask ten people, and you may get twelve answers. Consider the following: Since the interviewer is interested in You, the best preparation is to know yourself. Know yourself so well that you can articulate clearly your motivation to become a physician. Be able to detail how your activities support your claim of wanting to be a doctor. Go to mock interviews if you can. Evidence of motivation is the key thing.

Re-What? Re-Interview? ... Are you Serious??? What's that mean?

Perhaps your interviewers had different experiences? Perhaps you were ill or overly nervous? Bottom line -- the Admissions Committee felt your chances of admission would improve significantly with more input from additional interviews.

Re-What? Re-Interview? ... Are you Serious???

Is it different? Different days, different interviewers, different times, maybe different duration. No refreshments, and definitely no tour. We want you to interview with people (often 3) who have never heard of you and were not present when your application was reviewed by the Committee. Re-interviews are scheduled an hour apart when possible, so time is less likely to be a factor. Because they are not in the usual Tuesday time slot and are longer, re-interviews have to be at different times.