What do you mean when you say that all supporting materials must be received by August 1?

On August 1, we must have on file the following:
-- Verified AMCAS application;
-- Completed Secondary application;
-- Non-refundable application fee of $50 (unless you received a fee waiver from AMCAS);
-- A letter from your preprofessional advisory committee or letters from 3 professors.

Soon after August 1, EDP applicants with incomplete files will be notified that they have become regular applicants. Those who are rolled in to the regular admissions process are evaluated along with all other regular applicants, and their non-admission through EDP does not prejudice their outcome in the regular process.

AMCAS has received my application and is waiting for transcripts, and August 1 is a week away, will this hurt my chances for EDP?

Very likely. It takes days or weeks for AMCAS to verify an application. Best to download and submit the AMCAS application as soon as possible, have letters of recommendation sent, and send in your application fee well ahead of the deadline.

When are EDP applicants interviewed?

That depends. Just like regular admissions, only selected applicants (not all) are invited by e-mail to interview. These are held in August and September. All EDP applicants will be sent a letter with the Committee's decision by October 1.