FAQ's AMCAS Application

When is the deadline for applying through AMCAS to the School of Medicine in Shreveport?

November 1 is the deadline for submitting your AMCAS application.

Can I get a deadline extension?

No. Deadline extensions are not granted.

Should I send a printed copy of my AMCAS application directly to the Office of Admissions to speed up the process?

No. We will begin the application process and make decisions only on electronically-transmitted, verified files sent to us from AMCAS. So the best thing you can do is to stay in touch with AMCAS and make sure your file is verified in a timely fashion.

My address and phone number have changed since I submitted my AMCAS application. Should I send that information directly to the LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport?

Yes and No. Our database is updated by AMCAS so you must send changes to them. However, it is not a bad idea to e-mail us at shvadm@lsuhsc.edu with the information. You should also let them know when your e-mail address changes. This is extremely important because we rely on e-mail almost exclusively to communicate with applicants.

Just how important is the personal statement on the AMCAS application?
Do I need to write one, or can I just leave it blank?

The personal statement is incredibly important because it is the first place you have a chance to look like a human being to the Admissions Committee. Never leave the space blank! Follow the AMCAS instructions for writing a personal statement. Do not write irrelevant short stories that you would submit for a creative writing class. Write about yourself and why you want to study medicine, the experiences on which your decision is based, and why you think you'd be good if entrusted with the privilege of taking care of people.

You sent me access to your online Secondary application (so I knooow you got my e-mail). I completed it, submitted it, and even mailed my $50 application fee three weeks ago, but still haven't received a status report like my friends. How come?

We send you access to the Secondary once AMCAS notifies us that your application has been received. Their receiving it is not the same as your application being verified by them. Only applicants whose AMCAS applications have been verified receive our weekly e-mail updates. Soooo, the overwhelmingly likely answer is that your AMCAS application has not been verified. Better get after that with them (not us) ASAP.