Promotion & Tenure

With the revision of Permanent Memorandum-69, the LSU Board of Supervisors conferred Promotion and Tenure autonomy to each LSU campus with highest approval authority for Promotion and Tenure determinations residing with the Chancellor. In conjunction with this decision, each campus is to institute its own policy, which governs the Promotion and Tenure process.

The LSUHSC-S Promotion and Tenure policy may be downloaded here: LSUHSC-S Promotion and Tenure policy

Application materials can be downloaded by clicking the links below. The application packet must be submitted to the promotion & tenure committee in hardcopy (i.e., as a printed document).
The application packet consists of the two components listed below, plus letters of support.

1. The Promotion/Tenure Review Request form. Applicants must complete the first page of the form. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th pages will be completed by the Department Chair, Senior Departmental Faculty, and LSUHSC-S Administration. This form is in fillable pdf format.
2. The Application for Faculty Promotion and Tenure form. A pdf version (non-fillable) is available for review as well as an MS – Word version. The MS-Word version should be downloaded and completed by the applicant. It is important to follow the outline exactly as given (i.e., do not delete or rename any headings).
3. Letters of support
4. Letter of recommendation request template: The MS-Word version of a template letter may be downloaded.  It is advised that department heads use this template or a format very similar when requesting letters of recommendation for faculty applying for promotion and/or tenure.

An example of a completed Application for Faculty Promotion and Tenure form will be available for applicants to use as a reference in the near future.

Important Dates for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Dates for faculty development talks on the promotion and tenure process are below:

4:00 PM – Wednesday June 13th [Library Room 1-423]

8:00 AM – Thursday, June 21st [Library Room 1-423]

4:00 PM – Tuesday, June 26th (Video to Monroe and Alexandria) [Library Room 1-423]

8:00 AM – Wednesday, July 11th [Library Room 1-423]

4:00 PM - Thursday, July 19th [Library Room 1-423]

All Promotion and Tenure talks this year will be given in the Library Teleconference Room 1-423.

Promotion and Tenure packets submission deadline: Due in Dr. Eggerstedt’ s office (Rm. 1-217 in medical school) by 5:00 PM Friday, November 30, 2018.

Sabbatical and Educational Leave requests submission deadline: Due in Dr. Eggerstedt’ s office (Rm. 1-217 in medical school) 5:00 PM Friday, October 26, 2018.